It is part of our domestic routine for me to give Tonji-kun his evening bath. He has an assortment of water-tolerant toys to play with while soaking, some of which he uses more frequently than others. Tonight, for the first time in many months (possibly a year), he chose his foam alphabet letters. After dumping out the bag contents into the bathtub, he slapped the letters to the tiled wall one-by-one in rapid succession (but in no particular order), naming each correctly with confidence. Notably, two letters he always mixed up in the past — “M” and “W” — he got straight, even though he was extremely tired.

Once all the letters were up on the wall, he decided to move them around and group them in pairs, which were seemingly random, but the end result was a bit like tarot cards:

TH: His initials and mine.

JP: We will be visiting Japan.

YG: We will leave from Edmonton International Airport (airport code: YEG)

UA: Our Air Canada flight might be a codeshare with Star Alliance partner  United Airlines.

BR: The forecast temperature for Edmonton this weekend is -30 C.

XC: When it gets warmer, we will go cross-country skiing.

WM: Garbage Day is soon, when the Waste Management truck comes.

EN: Tonji-kun is learning more English, now that he attends an English-language playschool 2 mornings per week.

IQ: He is so smart! 😉