This event snuck up on me, quite a feat given that it is only an all-day, worldwide series of concerts in support of a favourite cause, environmental awareness.  I just happened to find it while flipping through the TV channels this evening.  I must not be reading/watching the right news sources. Anyway, much like New Year’s countdowns, things started in Australia (Aussie Stadium in Sydney) and Japan (Makuhari Messe in Chiba).  In Canada, a continuous live feed from each site was shown on 2 of our cable music video channels. The broadcast from Japan wasn’t subtitled, but I could understand the announcements and stage patter in Japanese. The performers were a mixture of local groups and high-profile foreign names(read: American, like Linkin Park) . I found the mostly acoustic Sydney lineup more appealing than the mostly hard-edged Japan roster, but most of the acts were unfamiliar, and I had to go to bed before the one I did know (Crowded House) took to the stage – showing my age on all counts …  Music aside, the commercial breaks provided useful tips for reducing one’s environmental footprint with simple changes to everyday life, like:

  • Carpooling
  • Buying 100% recycled paper towels rather than white ones
  • Turning off computer monitors when not in use

I’ve never been to nor, prior to tonight, heard of Makuhari  Messe, but here are a couple of links about it: