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The Runker Room was forcibly evicted from its home of 13 years (has it really been that long?) by Yahoo’s decision to close the pioneering free personal website host GeoCities on 26 October 2009. I retrieved most of my website content from the GeoCities servers before they shut down, with the intent of reposting it on another free website host. Then I learned of the joint effort of and ReoCities to preserve GeoCities websites for posterity. The archiving process was apparently a race against time, as dramatically described in “The Making of [ReoCities]”. Luckily the Runker Room was one of the websites that made it into the archive, and you can access it here:

Runker Room on ReoCities

My heartfelt thanks go to those guys — their selfless efforts saved me a lot of work!

Sign the petition to convince Yahoo! they have made a grave mistake:

Reocities Open Letter to Carol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo!


Happy Holidays to those who have stumbled upon this blog.  If you have sent us a seasonal card to our old address, don’t worry, our mail from there will be forwarded for another couple of months. We all have slight colds, but are otherwise well and hoping for (more) peace in the world.

Shaftebury Draft


Since the O’Bs first introduced me to Shaftebury E.S.B. in Vancouver in the early 1990s,  I have enjoyed every kind of character- and flavour-laden beer made by this B.C. brewery. Ihave to rate Draft as a bit of a disappointment, however. There’s very little to distinguish it from the Sleeman’s Draft I reviewed earlier. Not a bad beer, though.