Parkallen Restaurant

Rating pending

This restaurant was mentioned in the Edmonton Journal around the time the recent troubles broke out in Lebanon. The owner had gone over there to be married, but (Canadian? I’ll have to re-check the story) officials would not allow his bride to return to Edmonton with him.

After an afternoon trial session with a local acupuncturist, Dorami-chan wasn’t feeling up to cooking supper, so we thought about showing our support for Lebanon (or the owner at least) by trying this place on the way home.

AMBIENCE: Upscale – tablecloths! Booths and tables available. No music.
SERVICE: Slow, but there was a large family celebration party going on. High chair, but no seat belt. Takeout and delivery available – may be the best way to experience this place.

FOOD: Unable to assess yet – before our order could be taken, Tonji-kun got restless. We decided bail to avert disaster. But it did seem pricey – double-digit prices for simple appetizers like hummus, for example.