The Mill

Off Whyte


This restaurant has been an Edmonton fixture for a generation, but we didn’t find it until today on the way back from a Fringe show. Most of the other customers were regulars it seemed.
Dorami-chan ordered the pork hock, a huge plate that reminded me of the great meal we had at Les 3 Brasseurs in Viéux Montreal last winter.

I had a schnitzel plate, which was basically tonkatsu with sauerkraut instead of fresh chopped cabbage. This sauerkraut was actually sour, maybe how it is supposed to taste, unlike the almost sweet, bland stuff supplied at most stadium concession stands these days. It wasn’t bad, but I’ll get the pork hock next time, though – it also comes with sauerkraut.

An accordion player provided appropriate music (Friday nights). Stuffed moose and bison heads in the lobby kept Tonji-kun entertained. High chair available. Service was friendly and attentive.